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Attorney Ed R. Atkinson

In August 2014, I set out to found my own law firm in Norfolk, Virginia, with a simple vision: to provide superior service for working people and families involved in car accidents and other personal injury claims.   Since that time, I have represented hundreds of Virginia clients in countless injury cases, including dog attacks, automobile and truck crashes, workplace injuries and deaths and slip and fall accidents.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?  Trying to recover from a serious accident caused by someone else’s negligence can be overwhelming, especially when the negligent driver or party does not take responsibility.  Maybe the other driver’s insurance company has called you and wants to get your personal information, maybe take a recorded statement “to speed up the handling of your injury claim.”  Whatever they say, you do not have to speak with them at all.  It won’t help if you do.  At best, it’s just a waste of time.  The major insurance companies only understand one thing: consequences.   The insurance companies won’t even consider doing right by you unless you have an attorney, and not just any attorney, but a trial lawyer who is prepared to fight and win for you in court.  If you have been injured in a car accident, call my office to speak with the lawyer who will be handling your case from start to finish, and who only has one boss: my client.

Not a “big box store” version of a law firm: I believe it’s hard to do something well if you do too much of it.  Attention to detail gets lost, accountability decreases, enthusiasm suffers.  Some personal injury firms in Hampton Roads boast about their massive size.  In reality, many of these firms with “great reputations” have overworked lawyers and staff, who have no more passion for their job than employees of the largest, most impersonal corporations.

Small batch quality control: I do things differently than many law firms.  My goal has never been to have the most clients.  I want to have the happiest clients instead, whose results make me proud to be a lawyer, clients who will refer me to their friends and families.  I am highly selective with the personal injury cases that I handle.  In this way, I can consistently get the best possible results for my clients.  With this same “small batch” approach, used by master craftsmen in virtually any profession, I can meticulously manage every detail of an injury claim.  I admit, I am somewhat obsessive when it comes to my work.  The best craftsmen always are.

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Personal Injury

including all types of motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse/negligence, boating accidents, infant settlements and other personal injury claims

Dog Bites & Attacks

including legally complex dog attack situations and vicious dog bite cases in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton Roads, Richmond and all of Virginia. If the dog owner has renter’s, or home-owners insurance, we can make them pay

Car Accidents

including truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, auto accidents in Hampton Roads and any instance in which someone is injured by another driver’s negligence. Offering knowledgeable and experienced local DUI/DWI injury claims as well.

Maritime and Admirality

including Jones Act Claims, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) claims, and other injuries to seamen and dockworkers here in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads region