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Eye Opening Stats on Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuse attorneysIf you’ve never done your research on nursing home abuse, it’s time to get familiar with a few statistics. At Atkinson Law, we have seen so many families alarmed at the eye-opening stats regarding nursing home abuse this day in age. The truth of the matter is, millions of our elderly Americans are abused or neglected in nursing homes, but only a fraction of those incidents are reported. At Atkinson Law, we hope that our actions lead to a decrease in these eye-opening statistics and overall better healthcare for everyone.

Nursing Home Abuse Numbers

According to the National Research Council Panel in 2003, between one to two million Americans who were 65 or older had been injured, exploited or mistreated by those that they depended on to take care of them. However, only one in every six cases are actually reported. As loved ones, we need to be aware of this concerning problem and proactive in both prevention and consequence. Another alarming statistic on the board happened during a study case between 2000-2002. During this time, 20% of all nursing homes across our country were cited for some sort of violations. These violations included those that led to both physical injury and even death. This is a large problem and as our population that needs skilled facility centers grows, this area of concern will only get worse. We must start reporting these problems to find better solutions for our loved ones.

Is it About the Money?

While we cannot go around and ask every individual in the country how they feel about their jobs, there is correlating evidence that suggests that many nursing homes purchased by investor groups or corporations have sacrificed patient safety to increase profits. As they try to hide themselves from regulations and litigation by making webbed structures of shell companies and subsidiaries, it does not stop us here at Atkinson Law.

If you suspect that an elderly loved one has fallen victim to nursing home abuse, let us know right away. Call our professionals at Atkinson Law. For more information, contact us at (757) 648-8579.