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Personal injury Attorney Ed Atkinson | Experience in Portsmouth Car Wrecks

Traffic in Portsmouth can be a mess. Tunnel closures and maintenance, bridge openings and frequent flooding can make road travel hectic. Drivers can become impatient or careless. What develops is a recipe for motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. Whether you are rear ended in the downtown or midtown tunnel, run off of Highway 58 or Interstate 664 by a tractor-trailer, or struck head on by someone running a red light on High Street, you need a lawyer who understands the lay of the land in your injury case in order to explain it to a judge or jury.

An experienced personal injury attorney understands the different local courts, or venues, of Hampton Roads and can use that knowledge to maximize your compensation. What works in a jury trial in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach may not work in Portsmouth or Norfolk. Every venue has its own unique character. Insurance companies and their lawyers understand this. So should your lawyer!
Insurance companies often try to settle Portsmouth personal injury claims because juries in Portsmouth sympathize with car accident victims

I have practiced in Portsmouth General District Court and Portsmouth Circuit Court for years representing clients in personal injury claims. I have tried many cases in the Portsmouth courthouse and have obtained monetary compensation for car accident and other injury victims through my understanding of Virginia personal injury and insurance law. I understand the strong working class communities that make up the city of Portsmouth and can speak to juries here in a manner that convinces and wins sympathy for you.

If you or a loved one suffered injury in a car accident in Portsmouth, call me right away for a free consultation.

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